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Innovation | Integrity | Excellence

Level Aerial Services is a multi-disciplined group of leading technical advisors, specializing in aerial data collection for geospatial mapping, project management, critical disaster response, and independent civil infrastructure inspection. Our team of detail oriented industry experts are here to transform your project in realtime. Communication and an unyielding dedication to clients goals, has led Level Aerial Services to a reputation of accountability and excellence in the data collection field. 


“Unparalled Experience to take your project to the next level”


Survey + GIS

Turn key data collection solutions for Title / ALTA surveys, Boundary Studies, Topographic Maps, 3D Models, Point Clouds, and other geospatial products for design and modeling applications.


Legal & due diligence

Unbiased Data Collection puts technical geospatial tools at the fingertips of attorneys and experts for representation in Environmental Law, Water Rights, Mineral Rights, Reclamation, Scene Reconstruction, and Land Rights.


Oil & Gas

Reclamation Documentation, Active Site or Project Monitoring through recurring flights, Thermal (FLIR) Inspections, Visual (RGB) Inspections, and coordinated Disaster Response teams. 


Renewable Energy

Site analysis for future Solar and Turbine Installations (shading, slope, local canopy, obstructions, etc), Thermography Studies for photovoltaic health status, Turbine Blade Inspections, and Site Documentation.



Structure and Infrastructure Inspection (bridge, roadway, cell towers, power plants), Geology Analytics, Realtime Analysis, Unbiased Documentation, Damage Assessment.


Rapid Response

From Hurricanes to Natural Disasters, our team of Rapid Response Professionals will have a plan in place before the first surge hits. From telecommunications, to disaster assessment,we are here to lead the response.


aerial data

Our specialized data products can be integrated into existing workflows, and are delivered in industry standard formats. All deliverables are available within 48-72 hours after capture, and are transferred to clients via secure upload /download. Our data can be used to create the following products:

  • Topographic Maps

  • Orthomosaics

  • Digital Terrain Maps

  • Point-Cloud’s

  • High resolution imagery (FLIR / RGB)

  • 3-D Models

  • Textured Mesh

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With offices in Denver, Colorado and Boston, Massachusetts, Level is able to dispatch field teams anywhere in the continental United States within 36-48 hours. Our team of professional aviation experts, pilots, and field teams are some of the best in the industry, and are held to the highest safety and industry regulatory standards.


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